Kabatas Model United Nations Conference | 8-11 May 2015

Dear Prospective Participants and Advisors,

I, in lieu of the Secretariat, am thrilled to invite you to the third annual session of Kabataş Model United Nations Conference. From May 8th to May 11th; Byzantium-Constantinople, cradle of modern civilization, İstanbul will be welcoming you as Andalusia’s Jews were welcomed in the 15th century, Syrian refugees have been hosted throughout the years, Bulgarian Christians were embraced and considered as a part of the city that has reputation on conserving diversity.

KMUN Conference is the biggest student initiated organization in the illustrious history of this community. How Buckingham Palace was used by King George III to host diverse reputed bureaucrats and royal families, likewise Kabataş High School was utilized to serve for those certain purposes at the times of Ottoman Empire. KMUN 2013 and KMUN 2014 have the distinctive honor to comprise more than 350 national and international participants. The Organization Team of KMUN 2015 set the limit even higher by planning to meet more than 500 participants with nine committees that are going to be simulated.

“Older men declare war. But it is youth that must fight and die.” argues Herbert Hoover. Modestly as a belief I comprehend as well, in one day, world politics will trigger their bullets not to the detriment of preset people but for the sake of humanity and next generations that are about to receive the rest of world as legacy. In one day, silenced crowds will speak for them in a vehement way and that day United Nations will be questioned about its pure notion ostensibly maintaining peace and security in the world. The youth that must take place on initial fronts will not pave a way to let incongruous states and intransigent attitude of regional and super powers. Living in a city where you can see the poverty and extreme wealth at the same time and having the ability to observe more political crisis, corruption and turmoil compared to the previous years directly routed us to the idea that the world we live is not viable and stable as well.

As a result of the environment that we have been living in, academic team of KMUN’15 have set the theme of the GA committees as: ”Containment of ineluctable instability” in order to create the arena where participants will finally be granted the right to ameliorate the instable conditions associated with inequality for more developed and civilized societies.

Along with Economic and Financial Committee, Social Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs, Special, Political and Decolonization and Legal Committee; four General Assembly Committees where delegates will be having the opportunity to speak up and challenge themselves in front of more than 300 delegates. KMUN 2015 will also be simulating five Special Committees. Today’s questions have already been answered in history, Historical Assembly of Organization of African Unity and the Historical Security Council will be serving as the historic committees in order to delve into the details of unresolved issues to reconsider them.

We all hear the possibility of the 3rd World War but the question is whether we have scrutinized the outcomes of the previous one or not. Joint Crisis Committee with its fast paced nature will be tackling with the atmosphere of World War II. Isolated two cabinets of the belligerent powers will replay their roles with different stance and views. Last but definitely not least, Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (CM) is another special committee in order to find a way to decrease the lately increasing tension of the European Council by considering reforms to revamp the structure and mission of the Council.

This year’s global importance can also be realized by remembering the Sustainable Development Goals issued by the United Nations to enhance the life standards of millions, to stop the inequality between sexes and races, decreasing poverty and hunger. The Rio+20 outcome document, “The Future We Want”, also calls for the goals to be integrated into the UN’s post-2015 Development Agenda. For all said reasons, KMUN 2015’s last committee will be The UN Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals (OWG).

Whether you have attended the previous editions of our tradition or are considering attending KMUN for the first time, we will be waiting you to come and join us on 8-11th May of this year. The first edition of the conference was honored and congratulated by the Secretary-General learned diplomat Mr. Ban-Ki Moon. Taking into account the appreciation of the SG, I assure you that the final step of the trilogy will draw a higher academic and organizational line to satisfy all your expectations.

I hope to welcome you all at KMUN 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey.




Kabatas Model United Nations Conference 2015