Kabatas Model United Nations Conference | Arab League

Arab League

I. The Situation in Western Sahara

II. Combating the Iranian interference in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Lebanon

The Arab League is a union of Arab-speaking African and Asian countries. Member states are all predominantly Muslim, Arabic-speaking countries. Through the agreements for joint defence, economic cooperation, and free trade, among others, the league helps its member countries to coordinate governmental and cultural programs to facilitate cooperation and avert the hazardous conflicts in the regions which suffer from the instability caused by non-state actors. As the most dominant intergovernmental organization within the region of Middle Eastern and Northern Africa, the organization was established in order to strengthen and coordinate the political, cultural, economic, and social programs of its members and to mediate disputes among them or third parties in 1945. The actions that the Arab League takes must be in compliance with the collective defence plan signed in the very first moment of its establishment. The Delegates of Arab League in KMUN 2019, will be dealing with the broadest and most perilous issues that must be covered up by the Organization which are the ongoing turmoil in Western Sahara along with combatting the Iranian interference in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Lebanon.