Kabatas Model United Nations Conference | Historical Committee: Paris Peace Conference

Historical Committee: Paris Peace Conference

I.  Establishment of a peace treaty embracing the issues related to WWI regarding the alteration of the marginal and borderlines in the pertinent continents along with promoting peace and surveillance among the states

Paris Peace Conference, or also known as Versailles Peace Conference, was the meeting of 32 diplomats from different countries to set the peace and surveillance terms for the defeated Central Powers in the aftermath of World War I. This meeting was greatly required since there were many problems throughout Europe as a result of the ambiguity First World War left over. The victorious allied power (especially the “Big Four”) had their own goals and concerns about the future of the continent, so each one of pushed their own agenda. The conference started on January 18, 1919 and lasted for four months; shaping the world’s future dramatically by all its aspects with various treaties signed and different organizations established. In this committee, the participants will be discussing the most important facet  of the 20th century and WWI while defending their country’s aims and requests, coming up with solutions that would shape the future of the world.