Kabatas Model United Nations Conference | Committees



I. Ensuring the verification and compliance of African Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone Treaty
II. Providing assistance to states for collecting and curbing the illicit traffic in small arms and light weapons
III. Tackling the usage of various methods of contemporary espionage


I. Addressing the escalation of Islamophobia within the Western nations
II. Promoting and protecting the rights of indigenous peoples
III. Tackling the question of drug control and preventing drug trafficking


I. The Question of Falklands Islands
II. The Question of Abkhazia and South Ossetia
III.The Question of Western Sahara

JCC:American Civil War

I. American Civil War

East Asia Summit

I. Fighting against the threats posed by Non-State actors in East Asia
II. Promoting regional political and economic cooperation
III. The South China Sea dispute

Historical World Health Assembly:1972

I. Addressing the smallpox outbreak in Yugoslavia
II. Forming global measures to prevent the spread of polio
III. Raising public awareness regarding HIV/AIDS

Non-Aligned Movement

I. Addressing the ongoing crisis in Syria
II. Determining the areas of usage of nuclear power and energy
III. Drafting possible reforms to the UN