Kabatas Model United Nations Conference | Committees



I. The abrupt and uncontrolled armament of extremist groups in Nigeria
II. Preventing the proliferation of small arms and light weaponry by individuals


I. Elimination of the anti-immigrant sentiments
II. Prevention of child rights abuses in conflict and post-conflict zones


I. The situation in South Sudan
II. The conflict in Chechnya

JCC:American Revolutionary War

I. American Revolutionary War

Historical Security Council

I. Resolving the Cyprus Dispute

II. Israeli-Syrian Border Dispute

League of Nations

I. Ensuring international reconciliation and disarmament with an emphasis on recent armament of Germany
II. The question of Manchuria

International Maritime Organization

I. Demilitarization of the Arctic Ocean
II. Combating Piracy in the Indian Ocean

United Nations Environment Programme

I. Providing clean water and sanitation in developing countries

II. Combating climate change and its impacts