Kabatas Model United Nations Conference | Committees


DISEC (GA 1st Committee)

I.International Regulation of Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems

II. Peace Consolidations in West Africa

SPECPOL (GA 4th Committee)

I.Sino-Indian Border Dispute

II. The Situation in Nagorno-Karabakh Region

LEGAL (GA 6th Committee)

I.Reviewing the Convention of Montego Bay on the state of International Maritime Law

II.Comprehensive review of the whole question of UN operations in all their aspects including the criminal accountability of the officials

International Bioethics Committee (IBC)

I. The comprehension of reproductive human cloning in all its points of aspects embracing the status of therapeutic cloning

II. Updating the policy about the status of genetic engineering including the development of genetic technology

Arab League

I. Ongoing turmoil in Western Sahara

II. Combatting the Iranian interference in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon

United Nations Security Council

I. The situation in Venezuela

II. The question of Taiwan

Historical Advisory Panel on The Question of The Suez Canal

I. Nationalization of the Suez Canal

II. The Situation in the Sinai Region

III. International Status of Port Said

Historical Committee: Paris Peace Conference

I. Establishment of a peace treaty embracing the issues related to WWI regarding the alteration of the marginal and borderlines in the pertinent continents along with promoting peace and surveillance among the states.

Joint Crises Cabinet: United States Presidential Election of 2000 (George Bush vs Al Gore)