Kabatas Model United Nations Conference | Historical Advisory Panel on the Question of the Suez Canal (HAPQSC)

Historical Advisory Panel on the Question of the Suez Canal (HAPQSC)

I. Nationalization of the Suez Canal

II. The Situation in the Sinai Region

III. International Status of Port Said

The Advisory Panel can be classified as an advisory body on regional issues and provides a recommendation to the other related forums and parties. The primary intention of the Advisory Panel is to give considered advice to a committee, an organization or a corporation; meanwhile refraining from explicitly advancing any specific members’ interest. The committee consists of experts who are adequately experienced about the subject, from the advisory states. The important point is that the documents that have passed from the AP will not be swiftly implemented since AP is an advisory organ and has no authority to enforce any sanctions directly to a state and so forth. Furthermore, experts are not able to abstain or vote against for a clause without having explained their reasons for not agreeing with the implementations posed by the referred clause in the context of their foreign policy.  In this year’s edition of KMUN, the delegates of the Historical Advisory Panel will be going back in time to deal with the Question of the Suez Canal by focusing on the specific issues related to the Suez Canal Crisis.