Kabatas Model United Nations Conference | Historical Security Council

Historical Security Council

I. Resolving the Cyprus dispute
II. Israeli-Syrian border dispute

Security Council is one of the six primary organs of United Nations which takes priority to promote surveillance and peace among the members and countries.  It has five permanent and ten nonpermanent members. The United States of America, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, France, People’s Republic of China, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are permanent members. Additionally, UNSC maintains four major duty under its charter: Security Council authorizes peacekeeping forces to the conflict zones. Thus, It has authority to decide to implement sanctions which include not only economic sanctions but also military sanctions may be enforced by the Council. Resolutions that Security Council submits do not require any approval and can directly be implemented. In KMUN 2018, participants of UNSC will be going back in time directly to the very uncertain situation which has concerned all of the countries around the world which are: Cyprus dispute and Arab-Israeli war.  During the sessions, delegates will be searching and debating upon the most effective solutions regarding these controversies.