Kabatas Model United Nations Conference | Joint Cabinet Crisis: American Revolutionary War

Joint Cabinet Crisis: American Revolutionary War


I. American Revolutionary War

Joint Cabinet Crisis is the most important and crucial part of nearly every MUN conferences. During the sessions, delegates may rewrite the history by harshly debating and giving directives regarding the extremely hazardous wars that humanity has seen.  In KMUN 2018 JCC will start simulating from the very beginning of American Revolutionary War which has changed the whole history of newly formed the United States of America and the entire world. Two cabinets; as follows British and American, will be crushing regarding Thirteen Colonies’ requesting to gain independence since Great Britain put high taxes on the colonies;  afterward tense between Britain and colonies has escalated. Stamp Act Congress is the official request and contumacy against Britain’s pressures.  Prelude to the conflict did not too concern since it was thought that there would not be any further disagreement regarding the issue. However, the protests had started, and as a response to that escalated protests,  Great Britain had closed Boston Harbor along with taking measures against colonies.  The military actions had taken after Militia forces blockade a province of Great Britain by enforcing the removal of British citizens from the area. Immediately after this blocking, by forming a Continental Army which consists of various colonies,
American side attempt to invade Quebec and caused rebellion… With that invasion military struggle of gaining independence from Britain and forming of possible United States of America had officially started.  In KMUN 2018 the participants of Joint Cabinet Crisis will be the ones who are going to decide the future of these colonies. Will the colonies be able to gain their independence after this struggle?