Kabatas Model United Nations Conference | UN GA 6th Committee: Legal

UN GA 6th Committee: Legal

I. Reviewing the Convention of Montego Bay on the state of International Maritime Law
II. The comprehensive review of the whole question of UN operations in all their aspects including the criminal accountability of the officials

The sixth committee of the General Assembly known as the Legal Committee is the central forum of the United Nations General Assembly which evaluates the problems relevant with the accountability. The sixth committee has responsibilities which are not limited to; addressing legal questions and working on treaties regarding specific issues which may alter the international law. The committee is authorized to provide the insurance of the formulation, ratification and the prospective signature of member states regarding the negotiations related to various treaties. The sixth committee deals with the matters such as accountability, internal UN-matters, drug control, crime prevention, and multinational terrorism. Moreover, this committee was created in order to promote international cooperation in the political field and progressive development of international law. In KMUN 2019, delegates of the sixth committee (Legal) will be concentrating on the question of the criminal accountability of UN operations and the comprehension of Montego Bay in the context of International Maritime Law.