Kabatas Model United Nations Conference | Theme Letter

Theme Letter

Climate Change: Long-term threats of Water Scarcity


Distinguished Advisors, Honourable guests, and dear participants,

I am humbled and honored to welcome you all to the sixth annual session of Kabataş Model UN Conference, which will take place on the 28th of April, 2018. We as the Secretariat and the Executive board work tirelessly to make this conference unforgettable for everyone who will have the opportunity to get involved. I hope that through what we have presented to you up until reading this letter, whether it is our committees or our theme; we were able to attract your interest for KMUN.

Throughout our six-years-long journey, our biggest wish was to incite our participants to research, learn and produce ideas regarding the most up-to-date topics that troubled the global agenda. This year, I along with the other members of the Secretariat have decided that one of them was particularly the most excruciating: The effects of Climate Change on our waters. Whether that be the lack of safe drinking water for those in Southeast Asia or Sub-Saharan Africa; or the rising sea levels which recently caused major floods in India and the United States. Most scientists have agreed, that Climate Change is human-caused and we are able to reduce the amount of the damage caused, if not prevent totally. This is why we expect and urge our delegates to brainstorm and be productive towards achieving this goal.

Every MUNer has at least once was asked if he/she was the one to save the future of the earth by non-MUNer friends or relatives. Well, this topic gives a very straightforward answer to that question- if we continue doing nothing, there will be no earth left for us to save. Although this sounds like an incredibly dark and dismal notion, all the evidence and statistics, unfortunately, point to the same consequence. Given all these facts, I as the President of the General Assembly, with the approval of my fellow members of the Secreteriat set the theme of KMUN 2018 as: Climate Change: Long-term threats of Water Scarcity.

Every individual who doesn’t live either at the top of a mountain or under a rock have at least once heard about global warming or climate change, though very few had the courage and temperament to act. Those videos in which entire cities are submerged under water are internationally available and they give a better sense of what already is happening and what to expect from the future ahead of us. We have reached a milestone by signing the Paris Climate Agreement, but it goes without saying this will not be enough. At this very point; delegates have to acummulate ideas and shape them into both consequential and realistic ideas.

One athor essential aspect of acting is acting in cooperation. Several states have individually implemented decisions in an effort to cut their toxic footprints but the success has been minimal. Given this, the eventual scheme has to include some emphasis on working in a collaborative way.

It is my utmost hope that whether you participate in KMUN or not, you prepare yourself to make some contributions and take responsibility for the future of this planet.

I also wish that we will meet and enjoy our time on the 28th of April.

Kindest regards,

President of the General Assembly
Emre Ersoy