Kabatas Model United Nations Conference | Theme Letter

Theme Letter

“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”
Albert Einstein


Distinguished Directors, Honorable Guests and Dear Participants,

I am really honored to welcome you all to the 5th annual session of Kabataş Model United Nations Conference 2017. Kabataş MUN has been a tremendous experience for every participant in the previous years. Following the tradition, I, as the President of the General Assembly, am ensuring you a great conference that you will never forget.


We have shaped our conference on different themes in accordance with the ongoing events in the world. United Nations’ intentions are to maintain peace all around the world, ensure cooperation and development and be the cure that helps to those in need. Nowadays, there are so many people in this world suffering from various problems. But there is one of them which recognizes no borders: Terrorism. In the previous decades, there has been devastating terrorist acts which have resulted irreversible damage to humanity. That is why we called it ‘’the world’s most harmful term’’. We thought that one of the main problem of ‘’terrorism’’ is that we can’t prevent it, without totally understanding and defining it. That’s the fact which led us to choose the theme: ‘’ Perusing and Exposing World’s Most Harmful Term: Terrorism’’.

There have been numerous attempts to prevent such acts but we must understand something; terrorism is a fact. A Fact can’t be totally averted without totally understanding it. We should look back to the previous practices of this term. A solid proof that we haven’t understood ‘’terrorism’’ is that it has no official definition. We cannot put a problem to tender, unless we bring one. Leaving the world’s most harmful term officially undefined certainly endangers us. This also leads to international disputes.  For example, the situation in Syria, the Free Syrian Army is called both terrorists and ‘’ freedom fighters ‘’ by international authorities. We should void the phrase ‘’ One men’s terrorist is another men’s freedom fighter.’’. The term ‘’terrorism’’ should define specific acts.

Terrorism affects the whole world. I have stated that ‘’terrorism’’ recognizes no borders. It doesn’t. There have been so many terrorist acts from the America to Europe, from Europe to Oceania. It harms all human kind. After a terrorist attack, the only things that we can do are to condemn and protest these attacks. How efficient is that when people are still wounded? Since this term affects everybody, it is our duty to overcome this term as a union. Terrorism is not a threat against an individual or a nation; it is a threat for humanity. United Nations was established in 24 October 1945 to ensure cooperation between the states to achieve one common aim: Maintaining peace. Today, UN has 193 member states. It was established for cooperation and this day should be the day that we create a spark; as a union, as United Nations. A problem that has been affecting us for decades can’t be overcame by efforts of individual states. This can be overcome by the efforts of all nations, with cooperation. I believe each and every one of you will help us during our journey of understanding and exposing this term.


Ege Beysel
President of the General Assembly