Kabatas Model United Nations Conference | Theme Letter

Theme Letter

Genetic Engineering: An Insight  on our Future


Esteemed Advisors, Distinguished guests, and prospective participants,

I am more than privileged and proud to welcome you all to the seventh annual session of Kabataş model UN Conference, which will take place between 26 and 29th of April 2019. We as the Secretariat and the Executive board work with relish in order to make this conference truly remarkable for each person who will have the opportunity to take part in. I foresee that up until reading this letter, we will have acquired your interest in KMUN 2019.

As a consequence of seven-years-long journey and our experiences, the major intention of our community is to instigate our participants to think, elaborate and exhibit beneficial resolutions concerning the issues that might trouble the intercontinental agenda in the immediate future. In the seventh edition of KMUN, this year; We, as the Secretariat, have decided that one of the possible scenarios that we may face, was exclusively the most significant to be thought upon: The role of the Genetic Engineering in our lives. Since the 2000s, our society has suffered from the lack of physical needs. Even if we are able to illustrate some kind of superpowers such as the United States, Japan, and South Korea, which have dominated  the production market of genetic and bio-mechanic goods, it is a proven fact that ninety-eight percent of the world population is not able to reach and be informed about the innovation regarding the genetic inventions.  Specifically, The countries located in the South American region suffer from the inchoate technology related to the genetic mutilations and physical necessities. That is why we have an expectation and do urge our delegates to evaluate the possible risks and benefits that humanity may have either utility or detriment.

Besides, our prior intention to start up an MUN career was to be the ones who will be saving the future of our planet: Earth. Well, this subject gives an absolutely simplistic answer to that question. In the 21st century, technology constantly develops in the unthinkable swiftness; so our aim, as the ones who are going to be responsible for sustaining a peaceful and developed future for the new generations, must be chasing the continuously evolving technology. Unmistakably, in 2030’s we will be dealing with the bio-mechanic humans, hologram visions and etc. Given all these facts, I as the President of the General Assembly, with the confirmation of my fellow members of the Secretariat set the theme of KMUN 2019 as Genetic Engineering: An Insight on our Future.

Another aspect that must be discussed upon is lack of the revenues that might be used for the advancement of genetic technology. As I have previously mentioned the market has been dominated by several states, other countries are not capable of reaching the data regarding the genetic studies. Thus, all of the states must work under a formation particularized to the genetic engineering, contributing to the innovation by sharing.

All in all, it is my very sincere hope and belief that you dedicate yourself for the sake of the sustainable development of the humankind along with bearing in mind and contributing to the role of genetic technology.

I am also looking forward to meeting you all in person and spend our time effectively in between 26 and 29th of April 2019.

Yours Faithfully,

Süha Nurhat

President of the General Assembly