Kabatas Model United Nations Conference | Welcome Letter From the Advisory Board

Welcome Letter From the Advisory Board

Dear MUN Advisors,

In the world today, and unfortunately day by day, there is now less to take for granted but more to imagine and change!  Concerned about the issues the world is currently struggling with, yet excited and hopeful about the very possible and close difference that one student, one session and one conference might create, we as Kabatas Model United Nations Club advisors and members are proud to present you the eighth edition of  Kabataş MUN Conference to be held between April 9-12, 2020.

Kabatas MUN offers you and your students modeling the structure and operation of United Nations, learning about world cultures, building awareness about world issues, conflict resolution, public speaking and so forth; just like other MUN conferences.

Let alone the mesmerizing view of ours; what makes us different is the fact we believe in MUN has a butterfly effect on the future of our world.  We believe our students are the butterflies flapping their wings now, so that a hurricane of a bright, new, peaceful future is close enough since every single one us deserve it; now and ever.  You as advisors owe this future to yourselves and your students.  Let them flap their wings!

We wish you and your students the best throughout this MUN experience for which we as Kabataş MUN Club will do our own bests.

Details about the conference are available on this very website.  For any further request, please do not hesitate to contact any one of us.

We hope to welcome you all at KabatasMUN 2020.


Gürkan Kuru